Awards 2018
London Hilton Hotel
23 November 2018

Supplier Account Manager of the Year

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We all know that relationships make the merchanting world go round, and the Supplier Account Manager of the Year Award – a new addition to this year’s Builders’ Merchants Awards for Excellence – is a perfect opportunity to recognise someone who has built great relationships with the companies that supply your builders’ merchant.

Do you work with someone who establishes a high level of trust with suppliers, knows what products your business needs to stay competitive and gets them on time and at a fair price, and is able to deal with problems before they get out of hand?

If you do, nominating them for the Supplier Account Manager of the Year Award is a great way to show how much you appreciate what they do.

The winning supplier account manager will have first-class relationship-building, negotiation and troubleshooting skills, and will have made a significant, positive impact on the business through how they work with suppliers.

Guideline: 500 to 850 words.

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