With over two decades of experience, Global Stone is a trusted wholesaler of natural stone paving, offering exceptional products and innovative solutions for the domestic market. Through enduring partnerships and a commitment to advancement, the company has achieved remarkable success and continuous growth.

In response to the rising demand for porcelain paving, Global Stone has expanded its range of porcelain products, including the popular Station, Jewell, and Exquisite ranges. These meticulously crafted options provide various sizes and finishes to meet diverse design requirements.

While porcelain paving gains popularity, Global Stone also offers a wide selection of natural stone paving options. From sandstone, clay pavers, limestone, to slate, customers can choose from nine distinct ranges, with a special focus on four sandstone options, providing a range of colours, textures, and shades.

The Global Stone Group is dedicated to promoting sustainability and prioritizing the well-being of its employees and suppliers. With senior management in the UK and India, the company conducts regular audits to ensure adherence to sustainability, health and safety, and ethical trading policies, including combatting modern slavery.

Backed by two decades of industry expertise, Global Stone remains committed to delivering superior products and innovative solutions tailored to customer needs. Whether it's porcelain or natural stone paving you're looking for, Global Stone has the perfect solution to fulfil your requirements.

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