Entry FAQs

  • Why should we enter the Builders’ Merchants Awards?

    Winning an award is a fantastic achievement. Beyond the consideration that you are able to celebrate your successes, you can also use it as a proof point to your customers. Showcasing that you are the best in the business to everyone around you and sharing the achievements of your business.

  • How can I book a table?

    Table bookings will be available from the 12th March, with single seats also available for purchase but please note that these will form part of a table that will have other guests seated. 

  • How long does a submission take?

    Submission lengths will vary per business but the minimum word count is 400 words and the maximum count is 850 words. Each category also requires a project summary of no more than 250 words. You are also free to add up to two supporting documents as well as video links.

  • Can I enter multiple categories?

    Yes. There is no limit to the number of categories that you can enter and nominations are free of charge. As long as you are eligible based on the description of the category then there are no restrictions as to how many categories you can enter.

  • Can I edit my entry once it has been submitted?

    No. Once your entry has been submitted, you will be unable to edit what has been written. You can contact us if you would like to make any changes post submission but we recommend that you only press submit when you are 100% happy with what is on screen.

  • Can I add video content to my entry?

    Yes. A dedicated section is available to entrants for if they would like to add multimedia content.

  • How are entries judged?

    The submissions are judged by a panel of independent judges from across the industry. Each entry is read through and assessed against the criteria for entry. It is then scored. The scores of all the judges are totalled and at this point the winner and finalists become clear.

  • Will guest books be available on the day?

    To ensure that our awards are as sustainable as possible, the guest book for the 2024 awards will be available via our website and accessible via a secure QR code. 

  • When is the awards ceremony?

    The award ceremony will take place on the 29th November 2024 at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, London.

  • When do nominations close?

    The nomination period will run between the 12th March and midnight on the 14th July. 

  • I am unsure of how to begin my submission and where to place my focus?

    With a limited amount of words to play with, we recommend that those looking to submit an entry focus on these key areas:

    1. Relevance to the category
    2. Proof of what you are saying/testimonials
    3. Clarity

    The key consideration is also the simplest. Ensure that your submission is easy to read, backed up with evidence and showcases excellence in the category.

  • How long should a submission be?

    The maximum word count for the main submission is 850, with a short submission summary of 250 words being requested also. Multimedia content can also be used alongside the main submission but not in place of it.

  • How up-to-date should nominations be?

    Judges will review nominations covering the timeframe of October 2023 to the present. Submissions can reference historical projects or achievements but contain the latest data.

  • When will the finalists be announced?

    We will be announcing the finalists on this website, and in the October edition of Builders' Merchants News, on the 15th of October.