H+H is the largest UK manufacturer of aircrete, providing a range of wall-building solutions for both traditional and modern methods of construction.

Best known for its Celcon range of aircrete blocks, used widely for foundations, walls and spandrels, H+H also provides the fast-to-build Vertical Wall aircrete panels, part of the award-winning I-House system build solution.

With its UK operation based around three UK manufacturing plants, H+H's aircrete is highly sustainable. Its embodied CO2 is lower than most other building materials and H+H is proud that its aircrete achieves the highest 'A' ratings in the BRE Green Guide.

Aircrete's environmental credentials extend to its eventual recycling at the end of a building's life. As well as being an inert material that will far outlast the usual 60-year design life expectancy of a building, aircrete is easily recyclable and can be crushed down with other masonry materials and used in future applications.

H+H is privileged to work in partnership with its merchant customers and many of the largest housebuilders in the UK, developing robust building solutions for the future.

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