Working Towards a More Sustainable Future

Sustainability is the core theme that is running through the Builders' Merchants Awards this year, yet it is not something that we are looking at in isolation. 

During the 2023 awards ceremony, we made the conscious decision to begin our journey towards a more sustainable future by:

  1. Every guest was provided with a vegetarian starter to reduce the carbon footprint of the menu
  2. The iconic trophies were redesigned through a more sustainable provider, who plants a tree for every trophy handed out
  3. The guest list was provided only through a dedicated digital source
  4. Recyclable branded light tubes were used for the table centres.

These were only the first steps on our journey towards becoming a more sustainable and the most sustainable builders merchants ceremony but more can be done. 

During the course of 2024 we will be looking to embed sustainability across the campaign. To continue to celebrate the success and excellence that is synonymous with the Builders' Merchants Awards whilst also considering what we can do to give back. 

We are working directly with trace by isla, to ensure that the Builders' Merchants Awards continues to move forward with sustainability at the heart. 

We will be working with isla to trace our sustainable footprint, looking at our suppliers, the menu selection we offer guests, and how we serve our drinks. We will look at every aspect, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to become more sustainable. 

We look forward to working with isla to continue moving forward on our sustainability journey.